Basic Optics: Principles and Concepts

“Basic Optics: Principles and Concepts” addresses in great details the basic principles of the science of optics, and their related concepts. The book provides a lucid and coherent presentation of an extensive range of concepts from the field of optics, which is … More..


Statistical mechanics: An Elementary Outline

This book presents the basics of equilibrium statistical mechanics to the beginner and, at the same time, develops the subject with well chosen examples and worked out problems right up to the point where the student can take up an … More..


Basic Physics: Principles and Concepts

‘Basic Physics: Principles and Concepts’ is now under preparation as a new edition of an earlier e-book (‘Basic Physics: A Survey of Concepts’) and will be posted at this site as also at other distribution portals in due course. The earlier … More..

Avijit Lahiri -

Equilibrium and Non-equilibrium Statistical mechanics: Principles and Concepts

  This book is planned to be a concise, readable, and modern introduction to the basic principles of equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics. While the idea of this book originated in an existing introductory text-book covering the basic principles of … More..


Physics in Application (English and Bengali)

  I authored the Bengali and English versions of a text-book on general physics in the years 2000 (English version, ‘Physics in Application’, reprinted in 2001, revised edition in 2007) and 2001 (Bengali version, ‘Prayogik Padarthavidya’), meant for third year … More..