About the Site

This site, physicsandmore.net ,  will take you to a tour of books and articles written by me and, at the same time, it will welcome ideas and opinions from you as and when you post those to this site. The contents of this site will relate to physics, to questions and problems in physics, to the sheer fun and challenge of doing physics, as also to issues beyond physics.

One approach to go beyond physics is to engage in questions relating to subjects like mathematics, chemistry, geology, the biological sciences, and various engineering disciplines – subjects close to physics.

The other approach is to address issues on the history, philosophy, and sociology of physics, and of science in general. Broad environmental, ethical, and social questions will be a central concern in the pages of this site.

Both these approaches will define this site where, to start with, you may have a look at the books and articles authored by me. The articles will be posted directly at the site while I will tell you what the books are about, and help you to decide if you will go for these, hoping to be excused for the promotional effort. However, ultimately, I want the site to be defined mainly by posts from you in the form of comments  and articles on the issues you feel interested in .

It may be quite a while before physicsandmore.net receives visitors in considerable numbers, and before items contributed by you start coming in. This site will learn to be patient ……