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Avijit Lahiri - physicsandmore.netI am a retired teacher of physics and am committed, in some measure, to physics, to science in general, and to issues relating to the two, including broader social issues. I have had a long and satisfying career in research and teaching. In addition to publishing a good number of research papers in international journals, I have authored two textbooks on different areas in physics, both appreciated by students and teachers engaged in the respective areas, and have recently completed two other books, one on basic concepts in physics (an e-book, at high school to graduate levels) and the other  on optics, of which the former is now being processed for a new edition and the latter has appeared as an Elsevier publication (in both print and digital versions). This book on optics has a broad coverage at the graduate and the post-graduate levels, being a comprehensive survey of basic principles of classical and modern optics. Another book on equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics is also in preparation. Finally, I am working on a book on Inductive Inference and the Sciences. My current interests are in Quantum Measurement Theory, Statistical Mechanics, and Philosophy of Science.

In the pages of this website, I will take you to a tour of some of my books and articles, and hope to receive your comments, articles, and feedback on physics and in areas beyond physics. Your contributed items will be read and discussed by other visitors to the site.

– Avijit Lahiri