Equilibrium and Non-equilibrium Statistical mechanics: Principles and Concepts


Avijit Lahiri - physicsandmore.netThis book is planned to be a concise, readable, and modern introduction to the basic principles of equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics. While the idea of this book originated in an existing introductory text-book covering the basic principles of equilibrium statistical mechanics by me , it is really a completely new book, with a much broader coverage.

As in the other books authored by me, all the concepts will be built up from an elementary level, and complex derivations will be avoided in the interest of the beginner in the subject, because it is primarily the beginner who is supposed to be the audience for this book. The emphasis will be on clarity and lucidity of presentation, and on conveying to the reader the essential charm of theoretical physics. At the same time, the coverage of the subject will be exhaustive.

06. August 2016 by Avijit Lahiri
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