Physics in Application (English and Bengali)


I authored the Bengali and English versions of a text-book on general physics in the years 2000 (English version, ‘Physics in Application’, reprinted in 2001, revised edition in 2007) and 2001 (Bengali version, ‘Prayogik Padarthavidya’), meant for third year graduate students of Calcutta University with Physics (General) as an elective subject.

The two books were well received by students and teachers in the subject since these were written in a lucid style, and were informative and authentic. However, I did never find time to further update and revise the books, which are now all but extinct.

The two books were published by ‘Grantha Bharati’, 3/1 College Row, Kolkata 700009.



06. March 2016 by Avijit Lahiri
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