Physics in fun: a layman’s diary IV

On perceiving a state of anxiety and tension among the passengers, why did the captain of the ship order it to be sunk in the high seas?
▪ Since the ship was in motion while remaining on the sea surface the captain, in a rare flash of insight, diagnosed the malaise as a case of surface tension.

On being told of the relativistic theory, the monarch with a modern outlook issued a decree banning the study and practice of Newtonian physics in his kingdom. But then, why did he get so annoyed while in the toilet?
▪ Over-zealous officials had kept a bottle of non-Newtonian soap solution for his use.

Why did the liquidity of the big firm suffer such a drastic reduction within a short span of time?
▪ Because a number of conspiring board members had siphoned away a large amount of funds.

12. August 2013 by Avijit Lahiri
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