Basic Optics: A Survey of Concepts

Basic Optics: A Survey of Concepts - An e-book by Avijit Lahiri
This book,Basic Optics: A Survey of Concepts is a lucid, exhaustive, and in-depth presentation of the basic concepts in optics covering a wide area. It focuses on the inner integrity of these concepts, all relating to the classical and quantum versions of electromagnetic theory. It brings out the essential charm and elegance of physics.
It will be of substantial use to undergraduate and graduate students of physics taking up courses in optics.
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Basic Physics: A Survey of Concepts

An e-book by Avijit Lahiri

Basic Physics: A SURVEY OF CONCEPTS - a self publised ebook by Avijit Lahiri This book gives you a lucid and exhaustive coverage of basic concepts in classical and modern physics including quantum theory, and the special and general theories of relativity.
All these concepts are built up here from an elementary level, and are followed up to a considerable extent, stressing on their internal logic. The book is self-contained and comprehensive, based on high school mathematics, including elementary calculus. A few mathematical tools at a more advanced level have been explained clearly before these have been made use of.
It will be useful study material for the student of physics starting from the advanced school level right up to the college level and even to the level of graduate studies since it does not stop half way while developing a topic, being tied to this or that particular physics syllabus Learn more

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